I'm happy to announce that I will be working with Chloe+Isabel as one of their merchandisers under the G.E.M program for college students! This means that I have my own online boutique where I can choose my own collections to promote and you guys can shop directly in my boutique. I can help you find a piece to add to your collection or help you pick an item as a gift. C+I will directly ship your order to you and if you aren't happy with it you can return for a full refund. Another amazing part of this brand is that if the jewelry ever breaks or has a defect, it has lifetime guarantee where it can get replaced for no cost to you! I'm so excited for this opportunity and hope you can have a look and let me know what you think!



White Converse

    White Converse

Who doesn't love a pair of converse? They go with any outfit and are so versatile. I have owned so many converse in a whole bunch of colors but I have never owned a pair of white chucks, until now. I've been wanting a pair for so long and I decided it was about time! I love the look of these and they instantly give you that casual,street style look. I'm looking to expand my shoe collection and these are a must to any collection!

My Very First Post!

Hello world! I am so excited to be starting my very first blog about fashion, food, photography and all things chic. My name is Helena and I am located in the vibrant and busy city of Los Angeles, California. On my blog you can expect to find lovely posts about the newest trends, the tastiest foods and recipes and beautiful and exotic new things along the way. I'm so happy to be finally sharing my love for fashion, cooking, traveling and enjoying my life with you.♥ I hope you all enjoy my blog and I'm super enthusiastic to meet new people and blogging what I love.