Theres a small danish town in California called Solvang which is near Santa Barbra and I wanted to visit before my trip was over! So on this day we went to visit this village which my family and I had visited numerous times after coming back to LA after our camping trips in Santa Barbra. Its a cute and beautiful place to enjoy a walk along main street, grab lunch or visit the many Danish bakeries. 


The past 10 days that I've been in Los Angeles, I went out to eat alot so I decided to dedicate a post all about some of the restaurants I visited on my trip.

Gaby's: Venice
This is a great place for great healthy Mediterranean food in Venice with patio seating and very nice servers. I even received some rolls(pictured below in the left corner)by an elderly woman who works there, I think she thought I was someone else, oh well! 
Cheesecake Factory:Marina Del Rey
This is my absolute favorite Cheesecake factory locations that I've ever visited. It has a great view of the marina, boats and people enjoying the beach. 

Urth Cafe: Santa Monica&Pasadena
Anyone who lives in LA knows about Urth Cafe and it wasn't until my last trip that I visited this restaurant and I now know what all the hype was about. Its a great place to grab a bite to eat in the nicely shaded outdoor patio with friends. They have several locations such as in Beverly Hill and downtown but I specifically visited the ones in Santa Monica and Pasadena. 

Pressed Juicery: Santa Monica
A great place for overpriced fresh juices with extremely friendly employees! 

In-n-Out: Westchester
The only burger place worth going in California, I've been here way too many times while living in LA and I believed it deserved a shout out! If you are vegetarian like me, then I suggest ordering the grilled cheese or animal style fries(which is part of the secret menu). 



On Wednesday my dad and I flew to Los Angeles and it was also the day I turned 18! My trip is for 10 days and I'll be flying back to DC Saturday morning. These are shots I took in the airport as I waited to board the airplane and on the plane.
More LA posts are coming soon!


 The past month has been very memorable and exciting! I've been updating Instagram very frequently as I began December in NYC, flew to Los Angeles a few days later and began the new year by seeing Sam Smith in concert back in DC!

From Left to Right:
Sam Smith Concert Video| OOTN Concert| Morning ootd| Plane View| Venice Peace| Urth Cafe| Marina Del Rey| El Matador Beach fun| Reflective| Milk| Cousin love| New Years Eve
Getty Museum| Getty 2| California trees| Christmas| Santa Monica| Sisters' b-day| Blaze Pizza| Coming home| New York City



Two days before we left LA we made an early trip up the coast to El Matador Beach, close to Malibu. It was one of the best highlights of the trip, the sun was beginning to rise, the weather was perfect and I had my sisters and cousins to share the memories.