The past month has been very memorable and exciting! I've been updating Instagram very frequently as I began December in NYC, flew to Los Angeles a few days later and began the new year by seeing Sam Smith in concert back in DC!

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Instagram Diary

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Monday Morning Tips

Starbucks Drink: tall iced coffee with vanilla soy milk
Purse: Forever 21

It's Monday morning and some of you are headed to work or  enjoying your summer vacation. No matter what you are doing take some time for yourself sometime today and just relax. I'm enjoying my morning at Starbucks and instagraming my favorite fashion finds. I have found it so important to wake up knowing that today will be a good day and that I'm going to make today memorable.Start your week on a positive mood and learn to say yes this week. Be more open minded and see how you can become a better person and people will notice too. Step into this week with confidence and never downgrade yourself. Model Miranda Kerr wrote in her book, "Strive to be the best you can be and focus on who you are in each moment. I believe the only way to handle a challenge is to face it head on with an open mind and heart". You will thank yourself at the end of the week and will learn to conquer the world with a burst of energy. Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea can bring down your stress and help you become more calm. Do what you enjoy most this week, we all have busy schedules but there must be at least 5 minutes in your day to just stop and relax. Its important to respect your body and don't let stressful Mondays take control of your week. So take these tips in consideration today and learn to be more happy! Dont forget to follow me on instagram: @exoticprincess♥