Manhattan Photo Diary

This is a compilation of my trip to New York City for my sisters birthday. This was the best experience I had in NYC and makes me want to go back again really soon!  These curated photographs include our travels to Central Park, SoHo, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Central Park Zoo.




Having a clean and organized workspace is something I need to make sure that I am focused and dedicated to my work and studies. One of the things that keep me motivated is having an inspiration board and this can be made on any kind of canvas with images and words that inspire your future and things that you love. I have left spaces empty so I can add pieces as I find them or when I have new ideas. I also like having fashion material and magazines on my desk for outfit ideas or to read when I need a couple minutes to take a break from what ever I may be doing. I try to surround myself with positive messages and it helps me stay on task and on top of what I need to accomplish that day. Hope you find some inspiration from this post!



A few days ago, I headed to Georgetown in DC to do some shopping and explore the city. It was a cold day especially for this time of year but it was still beautiful and people were out and about doing their things. Here are some shots I took on my DSLR.




I posted part 1 yesterday which you can see here! Below are photos of the second museum we visited which was the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and Soho. 

                                                                       Hope you had a good weekend!                                                          


Early yesterday morning my photography class along with other art students traveled to New York City. We visited the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum and lastly went shopping in Soho! NYC in the Christmas season is truly magical, there were Christmas trees everywhere, more lights than usual and the window displays were amazing! 

Central Park

Part two will be posted tomorrow! 


Teen Vogue recently released their new handbook which gives advice and insight to fashion lovers who want to learn more about the industry. It includes behind the scene shoots, interviews with people in the industry, fashion school guides, photography, beauty tips and style inspiration. If you have a fashion enthusiast on your Christmas wish list I would definitely recommend getting this book!

Thanks for reading!